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What is Omnibotika?

A unified dashboard integrates multiple communication channels, such as social media, messaging apps, talk web, email, and phone calls. By using Omnibotika, customer service agents can view and manage all incoming customer requests, questions or complaints from these various communication channels. They no longer need to switch between multiple platforms or applications to respond to customers, because everything is integrated in one system. Enables the company's Help Center to increase productivity and efficiency in serving customers. By integrating multiple communication channels into a single platform, companies can provide a better customer experience, increase customer satisfaction and strengthen their business relationships.

What makes Omnibotika the best choice?

Compared to other omnichannel products, Omnibotika stands out for its easy integration and direct connectivity with various communication channels, such as WhatsApp, email, telephone and other instant messengers. In addition, Omnibotika can also be integrated with chatbots, enabling automatic replies to messages received when agents are unavailable or offline. Therefore, Omnibotika offers comprehensive solutions with easy integration and direct connectivity with various communication channels. Chatbot support also strengthens the ability to provide quick and automated responses to customers. This product can help companies improve their efficiency, productivity and quality of customer service.