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Omnibotika centralizes communication channels and automates conversations with AI chatbot. Reduce workload and enhance team productivity.

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Omnichannel Customer Support
Omnichannel Customer Support Omnichannel Customer Service - Auto-Response Omnichannel Centralized Communication Omnichannel Customer Satisfaction Omnichannel Integration Channel - WhatsApp Business Platform Omnichannel Integration Channel - Twitter Omnichannel Integration Channel - Instagram

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Over 20+ integrations

Respond to customer chats from different channels and resolve their issues with an ease

Omnichannel Customer Support
Omnichannel Customer Support Omnibotika's integration telegram Omnibotika's integration whatsapp Omnibotika's integration whatsapp Omnibotika helpdesk Omnibotika's integration instagram Omnibotika's integration email Omnibotika's integration call

All in one dashboard

Omnibotika features bring an ease to build strong bound with customers

Omnibotika Features - Seamless Integration Omnibotika Features - Ticket Management Omnibotika Features - SLA Management Omnibotika Features - Customer Journey Omnibotika Features - Report & analytics
  • Seamless Integration
    Omnibotika's seamless integration capability with more than 20 channels enables businesses to respond to customer chats from various platforms efficiently. This feature streamlines communication channels, reducing workload and improving productivity.
  • Ticket Management
    Omnibotika's ticketing management system automates customer inquiries and categorizes them based on their urgency. The system enables efficient ticket handling with auto-routing and SLA management, ensuring quick response time and improved customer satisfaction.
  • SLA Management
    This feature provides a centralized control panel where businesses can manage their communication with customers via the WhatsApp Business API. It allows businesses to keep track of messages, send updates, and manage customer interactions.
  • Customer Journey
    Omnibotika's customer journey feature enables businesses to track and monitor customer interactions with their brand, from the first touchpoint to the final purchase. This feature provides valuable insights that help businesses optimize customer experience and increase customer retention.
  • Report & analytics
    Omnibotika's reporting and analytics feature provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their customer service performance. This feature enables businesses to measure their success in customer service and make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience.

Omnibotika Wins Bronze Medal at 2021 ASEAN ITC Awards!

We are proud to share that Omnibotika has been awarded the bronze medal in the Private Sector category at the 2021 ASEAN ITC Awards! Our innovative omnichannel customer service solution has been recognized as a leading product for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the Southeast Asia region.

Omnichannel Win ICT Award

4 key benefits of Omnibotika

Streamlined customer communication, Enhanced productivity, Improved customer experience, Ticketing solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we download our reporting from omnibotika ?
Yes, you can. We already provide a download button on every report and we also provide downloadable call recording and chat logs so you can evaluate it and make it even better.
Can we transfer ticket to other agent/members ?
Yes you can, all tickets can be transferred to other agents and we also provide ticket history so you can track your tickets.
Our loyal customers sometimes engage us from different channels, can omnibotika track our loyal customers ?
Yes we can, we already provide customers journey for you and you can track from what channel do your customers engage you, when, and we even provide their journey.
We want to use chatbots. Can omnibotika integrate with chatbots ?
We also have chatbots and we can help provide and integrate chatbots for you, for more information reach us support@botika.online or go to Contact Botika | Botika | Answering Opportunity, we will reach you as soon as possible.

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